Thots from Jinnie

I think periodically I will share some thoughts I have saved from emails I received over the past few years from my friend, Jinnie Parsons.  We were in school together, lost touch, and then found each other again online.  She was a woman of strength, and she drew her strength from the Word of God.  She loved Thanksgiving…and the word so clearly describes who she was.  She is with the Lord today, due to a battle that her body lost to cancer.  I want her legacy of strength to continue to bear fruit.  Here are some thoughts from Jinnie:


I’m finding that the more time I spend reading and meditating on just who my God is- the more my faith grows. The better I understand about the object of my faith- the more things fall into perspective! I’ve been reading in Isaiah- time after time He describes what He desires to do for His own- here’s the thought I sent to my Becky [a close friend of hers] this morning.  In my reading this morning, the Lord describes Israel’s future- its an amazing thought! “Thou shalt also be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God.” (62:3) The Lord will be able to display what He has done…………….and it’s something that only He could do! When you look at the nation of Israel- from the beginning to the present- you don’t see that glorious beauty, but our God can bring it to pass! Just to think that the Lord wants to do that with our lives- and He will! We can be something of enduring beauty and priceless value- when He does it! There’s no question that we’ll want to praise Him for ever! We will be evidence of His wonderful grace! 6/5/06

The change the Lord makes in us is truly miraculous! It’s a day by day transformation that has no human explanation! I’ve been thinking about prayer recently. We know that there’s nothing our God doesn’t already know- and He often sends before we even ask. There’s just something “relational” about praying and receiving the answers………..He shows us that He is just as close as He has promised us by giving direct answers to our pleas! He provides so much more than the things we ask for- but we come to know Him better as we pray………..and prayer is so much more than “asking” for things- its thanksgiving, praise, and companionable conversation too- He is there to “share” things with us as we walk along! Its good to think about. 6/30/06

Our Lord does remind us that each thought-word-motion- is in His hand to do with as He will! His goal is to “get us done” while we’re trying to “get stuff done”!  For myself, I find that’s where the battleground is! When He reminds me that I really can’t do it unless He allows it………..its to help me remember it for the next thing! It sure takes lots of reminders!! We serve a graciously merciful Lord- and His patience with His created “dust balls” is a marvelous evidence of  it! 7/9/06


One thought on “Thots from Jinnie

  1. I also was privileged to be Jinnie’s friend. Although we moved away 6 years ago, she was always so sweet when we saw each other. I will miss her godly influence.

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