“Bring with thee…the books”

A few years ago, I solicited the help of various and sundry of my “Strength” email recipients regarding suggestions for Ladies Bible Study materials.  Some have requested that I share my findings.  Below is what I received in replies.   

Please know that I am not very familiar with most of these materials or their authors.  I am not giving endorsement, merely sharing information. =)  Numbers of these studies use alternative scripture versions. If I have been told about it,  I’ll try to indicate it.  Unless otherwise noted, I have cut and pasted product descriptions from the CBD website (www.christianbook.com) to give a general idea of the nature of each study.  Many of these also have study guides available.   Let me know if you have valuable resources to add!  I count on others to keep me “in the loop” these days!


Loving God With All Your Mind        Elizabeth George*

Description: Thousands of thoughts pass through our minds each day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if each one was pleasing to God? Focusing on six Scripture passages, George shares the inner joy that comes with centering on what is true, pure, lovely, and good. Helpful study notes and discussion questions make this perfect for personal or group use. 248 pages, softcover from Harvest.

  A Woman’s Walk With God                Elizabeth George

Description: Keep your relationship with God growing by cultivating the fruit of the Spirit! George divides the “gracious habits” of the Holy Spirit into attitudes, actions, and disciplines to help you better understand what it means to be rooted in God’s grace. Formerly published as God’s Garden of Grace, this edition includes a 13-week study guide. 260 pages, softcover from Harvest.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart    Elizabeth George

Description: Make God’s desire your own and become the woman of excellence he has designed you to be! Writing with warmth and grace, George shares her practical insights on how you can follow God in every area of your life, including loving your husband, enjoying your children, caring for your home, experiencing spiritual growth, and more. Includes a helpful study guide. 269 pages, softcover from Harvest.

The Lord is My Shepherd                Elizabeth George

(Amazon.com customer review):  This book focuses on the 23rd Psalm, and as always, Elizabeth George walks readers through every line, weaving her own personal stories throughout to entertain and illustrate each promise. Her heartwarming style and obvious, extensive knowledge of the Bible make this book a must-read for every Christian woman (and man!). Elizabeth George has written other important books, several of which I have read and re-read. I highly recommend this!

A Woman’s High Calling                Elizabeth George

Description: Find your way out of the maze of daily details and onto the path of matters that really count with the essentials of godly living presented in Titus 2:3–5. George offers practical, purposeful advice on living in purity, cultivating personal discipline, managing a home, loving a husband, and more. 250 pages, softcover from Harvest.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart            Ted Tripp

Description: Many parenting books are based on hit-or-miss theories steeped in secular thinking. This one draws from Pastor Tripp’s seasoned experience as a father—and from God’s holy Word! Grounded in the Bible’s divine plan for parenting, this guide defines your goals as a parent and provides the scriptural methods for accomplishing them. Covers infancy through the teen years. 237 pages, softcover from Shepherd.

Five Aspects of Woman                Barbara Mouser

(Product description from fiveaspects.org):  In continuous print for over ten years, Five Aspects of Woman has provided a Biblical and theological framework for thousands of women. Based on a Genesis to Revelation study of gender, the course is built on five pillar passages on the nature of femininity. The five aspects are Mistress of the Domain (Gen. 1), Helper-Completer (Gen. 2), Lifegiver (Gen. 3), Lady of Wisdom (Prov. 1-9, 31), and Glory of Man (1 Cor. 11; Eph. 5). Each aspect is studied as it was created to be, as it is marred by sin, as it is redeemed in Christ, and as it applies to life now.

  The Excellent Wife                        Martha Peace

Description: Who is an excellent wife? What is she like? Using the woman in Proverbs 31 as a model, trusted Christian counselor Peace offers detailed practical answers to questions most often asked by Christian wives. Her proven principles and scripturally based insights will encourage you to become the wife God wants you to be. This is a must-read for every Christian wife! 249 pages, softcover from Focus.

Changed Into His Image                    Dr. Jim Berg

Description: How can you grow spiritually if you don’t fully understand God’s plan? Originally written for his daughters, Berg’s guidebook combines Scripture-based teaching and practical examples to teach believers how to build an intimate, satisfying relationship with God. It’s part biblical worldview and part basic road map for Christian growth! 372 pages, softcover from Bob Jones University.

Created for His Glory                        Dr. Jim Berg

Description: Have you ever thought about God’s purpose in redeeming us? It wasn’t so we could continue “lives of quiet desperation”! Teaching primarily from Ephesians, Berg reveals the pitfalls and misconceptions that weaken believers and prevent us from experiencing the fullness of joy and victory God intended. Includes reproducible study sheets and supplemental resources. 338 pages, softcover from Bob Jones University.

Secrets of a Happy Heart                    Debi Pryde**

Description:  Secrets of a Happy Heart is the first book in an 8-part study based on Titus 2:4-8.   Through practical, in-depth application of Scripture, Debi insightfully outlines God’s “secrets” for happiness.  This study covers topics such as genuine happiness versus false happiness, a happy heart versus an empty heart, a clear conscience versus a guilty conscience, forgiveness versus bitterness, trust versus anger, and contentment versus selfishness and pride.  After reading this book, you will find that a joyful life is possible and is available for all who obey God and His Word.

  The Wilderness Within                        Beneth Peters Jones***

No product description available, but I understand this deals with how women cope with spiritual struggles.

Joy of Living Series                            Various authors****

These materials are described as “evangelical and non-denominational”.  They are available to download to your computer, and are studies through many books of the Bible.  

As Silver Refined                                   Kay Arthur*****

Description: As Silver Refined – Learning to Embrace Life’s Disappointments. Everyone faces disappointments, trials, and struggles. This study will help you learn to embrace disappointment with a faith that recognizes the trials of life as tools that God uses to make you, as silver refined, a reflection of His character. Waterbrook Press.

  Experiencing God                                 Henry Blackaby******

(Product description from amazon.com):The authors’ emphasis on revelation through personal relationship makes faith sound like a true adventure–leading believers to engage with people and circumstances they might otherwise have avoided. The organization of Experiencing God adds to this effect, proceeding step by step through the various ways a believer’s relationship with God is deepened (via the Bible, prayer, and the Church, among others). Although there’s strong tension between the self-help tone of this book and its hard-line argument that faith is purely a response to God’s initiative, many readers will nevertheless find great encouragement in hearing a still, small voice among a vast number of everyday experiences.

  Calm My Anxious Heart                        Linda Dillow

(Product description from navpress.org): Women worry a lot. We worry about our children, our friends, our careers, our families, our spouses-the list could go on and on. Yes, we want to be content and trust God with our worries, but it’s a struggle to let go and free ourselves from the burden of anxiety.If you’re tired of worrying about all the “what ifs” in your life and want to experience the calm and contentment promised in Scripture, Calm My Anxious Heart is what you’ve been looking for. Filled with encouragement and practical help for overcoming anxiety, this book includes a twelve-week Bible study to help you discover what the Bible says about contentment and ways to apply it to your daily life. The companion volume My Mercies Journal is available to record your thoughts as you listen to God’s teaching on this subject.

With Calm My Anxious Heart you can let go of your anxiety and experience the contentment that comes from trusting God.


*For more particulars on this author and her offerings, go to www.elizabethgeorge.com .  She uses KJV as well as NASB, NKJV, RSV and the Living Bible in these resources.

**Go to www.ironwood.org/EStore/Booklist for more offerings from the Camp Ironwood bookstore.

***Go to www.bju.edu/cstore for more offerings from the Campus Store at BJU.

****For more on this organization and it’s materials, go to www.joyofliving.org .

*****See more on the Precept Series at www.precept.org .

******More information about this author and his offerings at www.blackaby.org .


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